General Questions

Absolutely not! This is our most common question, and one that we fully understand. Details you provide such as favorite location, lake or river hotspot, etc. is YOUR protected information. It is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone viewing the community database to identify you, your exact location, or your data. Only the data you mark as PUBLIC is available to other site members. This enables MyFishingLogs to provide you an overview of the data collected in a broad area such as a county, lake, or river. Providing this feature also allows you to view or compare your personal data to the overall public information from different members.
No. MyFishingLogs is a web based tool that you access by logging on. All of your data is stored (and regularly backed up) on our powerful database servers. This allows us to generate your reports quickly and reliably. It also ensures that your data will be available for years to come, even if your personal computer decides to go belly up! Your affordable yearly fee pays for us to collect, store, manage, and protect your valuable data.
Great question and the answer, of course, is NO. First of all, most of the details that MyFishingLogs uses is provided for you automatically. You simply tell us when you go, where you go, and what you see. We do the rest. We show you, step by step, how to enter your data and create custom reports. Not only is using MyFishingLogs easy, it's fun to see what you haven't been paying attention to.
Another good question... It's simple, you either go out and rely on luck, or you are already (to some extent) paying attention to details and formulating a plan. MyFishingLogs takes attention to detail to a whole new level. It's no surprise that the people most excited about MyFishingLogs are the professionals themselves. Paying attention to details is how they get to do--for a living--what most of us only get to do in our spare time.
Yes. The MyFishingLogs system is designed to work with any internet connection, including dial-up. The professionals at MyFishingLogs have paid special attention to optimize our website for dial-up users. You shouldn't expect MyFishingLogs web pages to load any slower than the majority of websites you currently visit or use. Of course, you shouldn't expect them to load any faster either! :)
Yes. The MyFishingLogs system is designed to work with any type of client. There is even a mobile app available that gives you direct access to your data without the need to login to the site. Simply download it, install it, enter your login information and you now have access to the most common features of the site set for the mobile footprint. You don't even have to open a browser.
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